Augustine Nylon Strings Classic / Red, Medium Tension



Brand : Augustine


Augustine Nylon Strings

Classic / Red Set

Medium Tension

Regular Tension Trebles / Medium Tension Basses

Augustine Red bass strings are the copper wound bass strings, with classic regular tension trebles and medium tension basses.

    1st/E   - Clear nylon                       0.028”     0.71 mm.
    2nd/B - Clear nylon                       0.032”     0.81 mm.
    3rd/G - Clear nylon                       0.040”     1.01 mm.
    4th/D - Silver plated copper wound  0.0295”   0.75 mm.
    5th/A - Silver plated copper wound  0.035”     0.89 mm.
    6th/E - Silver plated copper wound  0.0425”   1.08 mm.



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