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Power Supply for K&K Battery-Powered Preamps

Power Supply is designed to run K&K's 9-volt battery-powered preamps. It is not intended for use with our Quantum Blender or Pure XLR Mach 2 Preamps!

With noiseless Power Supply, you can save batteries PLUS get better performance out of your preamp's circuit. This model supplies 10.5 volts. This means better headroom, more clarity, lower distortion, and lower noise. Regular power supply adapters have a 60 Hz hum, but this supply has a special noise suppression circuit.

It is especially efficient with most of our 2-channel preamps (including the PowerMix Pure XT, Bass Master Rockabilly, and Bass Master Pro preamps) due to their relatively high power consumption. We do not recommend it for the Trinity Pro Preamp because it produces a hum on the mic channel.

It works with US and European voltage (with a simple travel adapter). Use it whenever you do not need the extended freedom of movement with battery operation, save money on batteries, support the environment, and get a cleaner sound with the noiseless Power Supply. And don't worry, all K&K preamp circuits can easily by driven by 10.5 volts without any risk of damage.

Simply hook it up to the battery clip, instead of the battery. The thin and extra-rigit 3/32" cable exits on the in/outputjack side of the preamp between lid and rear panel. The new K&K dual-channel models even have a little notch for the cable above the center jack (see picture #2). We use this thin cable for the first 5 feet in order to provide a comfortable weight and feel and of course to allow for use with any existing K&K preamp even without the notch on the rear panel.

Input voltage: 100 - 220 volt
Input plug type: USA
Output voltage: 12 volt DC /100 mA
Output connector: 9 volt battery clip
Dimenions: 3.3/4" L x 2 3/8" W x 1 1/4" H
Cable lenght: 10 feet (5 feet 1/4" plus 5 feet 3/32")
Type: Fully filtered DC voltage supply - noise and hum free

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