G7th Performance 2 Capo - Gold



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G7th Performance 2 - Gold


In 2004, The Performance Original set a new standard in capo design.

Players loved the way that it kept the guitar in tune, but wanted it to be smaller and lighter, without compromising the tone.

All that has been impossible until now:

The new Performance 2 gives you the ultimate capo experience.

Not only have we made it slimmer and lighter, but we have also reversed it’s patented clutch mechanism, which gives it a lightning fast squeeze-on, squeeze-off action. It has also been designed to store behind the nut or on the peghead when not in use.


G7th Performance 2

Smaller - Faster - Lighter

In-tune, buzz-free capoing.

Our award-winning capo for 6 string guitar is now smaller, slimmer and lighter, but with the same sure grip that you expect from G7th.

Performance 2 is unlike any other capo - its squeeze-on, squeeze-off action makes precise capoing easy - so you spend more time playing and less time tuning.