TUSQ Nut PQ-6400 Slotted 44 mm. for Gibson Acoustic


SKU : GRA-PQ-6400-00

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TUSQ Nut PQ-6400 Slotted 44 mm. for Gibson Acoustic

The PQ-6400-00 is the perfect option to replace and upgrade the nut on your Gibson style acoustic guitar or any other similar guitar.

It is pre-slotted to make for a quick and easy install.

Size : L 44.6, W 4.93, H 8.1 mm

E to e 37.26 mm

TUSQ produces more harmonics in the mid and upper range of the guitars. TUSQ nuts, saddles and bridge pins have harmonically rich tone, without the inconsistency found in ivory, bone or other natural materials. Bone and Ivory have hard and soft spots (grain) throughout each piece, hampering consistent transfer of vibrations to the guitar top. TUSQ has been designed to transfer the right frequencies more efficiently from the strings to the guitars body.

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